Red Roux

Pleasingly simple! Red Roux is an artisan crafted gourmet specialty food product used as a flavored base and thickening agent for classically prepared or home cooked dishes.  With NO added SALT or SUGAR, Red Roux is part of a well-balanced dietary lifestyle that promotes healthy living and well-being. Our online instructive videos eliminate confusion demonstrating simple ideas to help you plan, prepare and plate deliciously healthy meals.

More flavor, less effort! Perfect for boosting the nutritional value of every meal without sacrificing flavor using simple tools and cookware found in everyday home kitchens. More time saved in the kitchen is "win-win" for everyone wanting to cook simply and seek healthier alternatives in avoiding processed and modified foods that contain pesticides and toxins harmful to children and adults.

Simplicity reigns! Garden-fresh and all natural food ingredients blend well into a variety of meals using our all-purpose roux to make life as a cook a more pleasurable experience. We encourage the sharing of good food, ideas and recipes using Red Roux through our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. 

We will continue to develop and share recipes and dishes to help build and sustain healthy cooking and eating habits featuring the use of our product.  We are strong believers in the use of locally grown or sourced foods for healthy and nutritious eating.


"If you can prepare a sauce, stew, soup or gravy, you can prepare something fresh and nutritious every day."


 – Chef John




Red Roux is a family owned company based in Denver, CO.


15 Minute Meals - Wild Mushroom Ravioli in Red Roux Supreme Sauce

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Red Roux Sunday Supper Club Series - Shredded Beef With Brown Sauce Over Italian Grits (AKA Polenta)!

Hi everyone, today we are very excited and pleased to bring you another unique way to use Red Roux as the base for a gravy, with sliced peppers to put over Polenta, Italian...


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